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28 Kills in 26 minutes on Jhin Mid (Lethality Jhin is SO GOOD WTF) | Off-Meta Climb



Описание видео:

Pekin of Wolves showcases hidden OP Jhin Mid while his 4 teammates literally only help him the entire game making it possible to get 28 kills Discord: 🤍discord.gg/3An22PU Stream: 🤍goo.gl/d1qAxQ Twitter: 🤍goo.gl/eekF1a PekinWoof2 Channel: 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UCT0fBcIYwMsp6IRCm5E3eTA PekinWoof Highlights Channel: 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UCDNSbHqZGmRQyIvzPonYMYg Support me on Amazon: 🤍amzn.to/2QTIP3v Buy ANYTHING after clicking this link and I get a tiny cut of the purchase! No extra cost! Enjoy my content and want to donate? 🤍streamlabs.com/pekinwoof Business inquires: pekingaming🤍yahoo.com

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28 Kills in 26 minutes on Jhin Mid (Lethality Jhin is SO GOOD WTF) | Off-Meta Climb
28 Kills in 26 minutes on Jhin Mid (Lethality Jhin is SO GOOD WTF) | Off-Meta Climb
28 Kills in 26 minutes on Jhin Mid (Lethality Jhin is SO GOOD WTF) | Off-Meta Climb
28 Kills in 26 minutes on Jhin Mid (Lethality Jhin is SO GOOD WTF) | Off-Meta Climb
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Комментарии пользователей:
Complete Comic
2023-09-10 05:45:29

Like and sub for more jhin please

Adrian Wan
2023-09-07 20:43:52

I love that jhin collector execute damage is 4444. But I just noticed in this video that the execute on Lee does 8888?? As a reference to 8 being a lucky number in Chinese culture maybe?

Edit: hm maybe it's something else. sRWyXFJcx9A&t=23m57s 23:57 is a normal 4444

2023-09-07 13:13:53

Best Jhin mid game I've ever seen by my fav league streamer

Cleam One
2023-09-07 10:32:38

I mean... you gonna least show us ur runes??

Aaron Spencer
2023-09-07 10:02:04

Looks to me like you did flash perfectly but he also flashed

2023-09-06 22:16:05

Yayy new video

2023-09-06 02:37:05

The lucian dashed to try and block hits on pekin when he was low.
He did that twice!
An actual decent human being playing adc???!!!??

2023-09-05 06:22:16

I found your channel a couple of days ago via YouTube recommendation and i absolutely love your content! You are such a good player and your commentary is so insightful.

2023-09-05 05:24:20

nice one dude that damage is so satisfying

2023-09-05 04:09:50

Jhin mid is cool, but why lethality tho?

2023-09-04 23:45:47

I'll have to consider Jhin the next time I get filled bot

2023-09-04 21:30:02

where is the sivir mid ? :(

Lincoln Patience
2023-09-04 16:37:47

Pekin did an incredible job, but as a jungler, I learned a lot from watching the Rammus play.

Sam R
2023-09-04 16:30:29

Bro why didn’t you get S+ wtf

Tom Raine
2023-09-04 16:29:51

sRWyXFJcx9A&t=1m45s 1:45 you say q needs to kill the target but it just needs to die after being hit, eg if its bouncing from 1 minion straight to the champ. using q auto and killing minion with auto before the q hits the champ will still make the q stronger. Jhin is such a fun champ to main, glad to see pekin playing him mid as well

Ryan Power
2023-09-04 16:24:43

"You like play Jhin mid"

2023-09-04 15:36:11

sRWyXFJcx9A&t=23m21s 23:21 “Assiom Arc” 😏

2023-09-04 14:52:05

i had a kill per minute game on naafiri the other day.
riot really popped off with that champ, lemme tell yah xD

Bruno Langlais
2023-09-04 12:59:23

Hi Pekin, love your content as always. I'm amazed at how well you perform on every champ even in high elo. Maybe you should do some tier list content!

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