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This is what happens when Jhin gets a Quadra Kill at Level 2.

I Keep It Taco

I Keep It Taco

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Thanks to Factor75 for sponsoring today's video. Go to 🤍strms.net/factor75_ikeepittaco6348 and use code POGTACOAUG50 for 50% off your first box! # ad 🖥️ DAILY STREAMS TWITCH → 🤍twitch.tv/ikeepittaco 💬 JOIN OUR DISCORD → 🤍discord.gg/ikeepittaco 🐤 TWITTER MEMES → 🤍twitter.com/ikeepittaco Edited by: 🤍twitter.com/TsuniEditing Art by: 🤍twitter.com/HighNoonJhin 🏝️Song List🏝️ Final Fantasy X - Otherworld main: Guilty Gear X2 - Noontide Wild Arms XF - Duel Sign Final Fantasy X - Otherworld Granblue Fantasy Versus - Arvess YOU DO NOT WANT TO LET A JHIN GET A QUADRA KILL. IT'S HIS FAVORITE NUMBER AND IT'S ALL OVER ONCE HE GETS IT. #leagueoflegends​ #Jhin

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This is what happens when Jhin gets a Quadra Kill at Level 2.
This is what happens when Jhin gets a Quadra Kill at Level 2.
This is what happens when Jhin gets a Quadra Kill at Level 2.
This is what happens when Jhin gets a Quadra Kill at Level 2.
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Комментарии пользователей:
Myth Mage
2023-09-11 10:34:36

Games like this are what Riot expects for ADCs

Benjamin Carmody
2023-09-10 02:48:25

At CorWIGkie4w&t=9m18s 9:18 when taco hit ez with W root it said Gwen is immune??????

2023-09-08 12:06:08

CorWIGkie4w&t=11m09s 11:09 u literally did your name

the forth shot
2023-09-05 14:15:40

As a fellow jhin main I have to ask taco do you take opportunities to get Penta kills or do you not ruin your perfectly good Quadra kill by killing the last person.

Alex Jo
2023-08-28 00:06:48

When you watch his youtube you think man he seems like a funny dude and then you go to twitch and see that in reality he is just a prick. Dissapointing af. Insulting his teammates and flaming like a crybaby 24/7

Hoàng Nam Bảo Minh
2023-08-26 18:05:14

Jhin mains when get 4444/4444/4444 and 4444 quardra kills with only 4 items and all stats are 4444 and 4444 golds at CorWIGkie4w&t=44m44s 44:44 :Perfection
Yeah i know this is bland af but hey can't really deny that

2023-08-26 10:35:51


2023-08-25 21:12:38

Didn't put CorWIGkie4w&t=4m44s 4:44 in the thumbnail, disliked.

Shayanb5399 Baghery
2023-08-25 21:02:50

What happened to jhin i didn't play this game for one season now when im playing him he feels different i can still play but its not like before

عبد المنعم خالد
2023-08-25 11:33:22

CorWIGkie4w&t=11m07s 11:07
he is an actual western cowboy

Karson Kammerzell
2023-08-25 05:31:09

Taco: "I'm on my way. Maybe we can do something now?"
Narrator: "He could, in fact, do something now."

2023-08-25 04:23:44

Absolutely insane! Quick question though…. Why do you have a jungle fog of war overlay over your map?

Andrei Racz
2023-08-25 01:49:51

it should have been at CorWIGkie4w&t=4m44s 4:44 to be perfect :D

Jack Runt
2023-08-24 18:07:20

CorWIGkie4w&t=4m26s 4:26 , Nami didn't heal you because she didn't have any mana, it shows how much mana she has on the right side of your screen

2023-08-24 16:31:05

Ggx music?

2023-08-24 14:34:30

Yo taco iv got an idea for a jhin build
Draktar, Muramana, Collector, Axioma, (place your boot here ), and RLD, based purely on skill damge and sniping, could you test it, and people of the comments wath do you guys think about this build

2023-08-24 12:28:31

I'm just glad to see an adc who doesnt think they are the team and game. His team and his support played out of their minds to get him that fed. insane coordination. Well done and good edits, thanks editor.

Phone guy
2023-08-24 10:09:55

Does Jhin's Q work like that? I thought it only gains extra damage when it kills a unit by itself (pure question, no sarcasm)

Gerson San vicente
2023-08-24 07:48:59

I don't care if jhin is out of meta i want to play jhin for the rest of my life

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