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GAGAUZIA | Moldova's Pro-Russian Problem?


In May 2023, Moldova's Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia voted for a new governor - or bashkan. This was won in the second round by Evghenia Gutsal, a pro-Russian candidate representing the Ilan Shor Party - named after a prominent oligarch convicted of embezzlement. However, the central government has contested the result. Amidst claims of electoral fraud, Moldovan police raided the headquarters of the Gagauz Electoral Commission. All this has led to fears that tensions are rising again in a region that once tried to break away from Moldova. But are such concerns justified? The origins of the Gagauz are shrouded in mystery. Although they speak a language closely related to Turkish, they are predominantly Christian Orthodox. While they were first settled in Bessarabia (now Moldova) in the early nineteenth century by Imperial Russia. However, during Soviet rule, they were deliberately Russified as part of a general effort to keep majority Romanian nationalism in check. This all came to a head in 1990. As the Soviet Union broke apart, Gagauzia, alongside nearby Transnistria, declared independence. But just four years later, it agreed to accept territorial autonomy within Moldova under an agreement that saw it granted its own parliament, government, and governor. Since then, Gagauzia has come to be seen as a rare example of an attempted secession successfully resolved by peaceful reintegration back into the country it broke away from. But over the past decade, tensions have been rising as Moldova pursues EU integration - a process many Gagauz see as an attempt to unite with neighbouring Romania. Meanwhile, against the backdrop of the Ukraine War, the pro-Russian sentiments of the Gagauz have become a growing source of concern as Moldova claims Moscow is interfering in its internal affairs. This has all come to a head with the most recent elections in Gagauzia, which saw all eight candidates adopt pro-Russian positions. So, is Gagauzia becoming a new source of pro-Russian problems for Moldova? *MY NEW BOOK!* Secession and State Creation: What Everyone Needs to Know Oxford University Press 🤍 Amazon 🤍 🤍 *SUPPORT THE CHANNEL* Hello and welcome! My name is James Ker-Lindsay, and here I take an informed look at International Relations, conflict, security, and statehood. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe. If you want more, including exclusive content and access to the channel Discord server, please consider becoming a Channel Member or support me through Patreon. I would greatly appreciate your support. Thank you! SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE 🤍 BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER 🤍 JOIN MY PATREON PAGE 🤍 *VIDEO CHAPTERS* 00:00 Introduction and Titles 00:47 Secession and Reintegration: Moldova and Gagauzia 02:19 Moldova and Gagauzia: Location and Population 03:38 The Origins of Gagauzia 05:54 Gagauzia Declares Independence 07:06 Gagauz Peace Agreement and Autonomy 08:46 Moldova-Gagauzia Relations after the Agreement 10:36 Growing Tensions Between Moldova and Gagauzia 12:56 A New Gagauz Independence Effort? *SOURCES AND FURTHER READING* Republic of Moldova 🤍 Government of Gagauzia 🤍 Law on the Special Status of Gagauzia 🤍 EU-Moldova Association Agreement 2005 🤍 Gagauz | Minority Rights Group 🤍 *EQUIPMENT USED TO MAKE THIS VIDEO* 🤍 *DISCLAIMERS* - The contents of this video and any views expressed in it were not reviewed in advance nor determined by any outside persons or organisation. - Some of the links above are affiliate links. These pay a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps to support the channel and will be at no additional cost to you. #Gagauzia #Moldova #Russia

What is Gagauzia? | The Geopolitics of Gagauzia


Situated in the South of Moldova is the autonomous region of Gagauzia, populated by an ethnically Turkic group - the Gagauz. The Gagauz, enticed to their current home by the Russian Empire from Bulgaria during the 1800s, are an orthodox Christian Turkic group with strong Russian influence. Since its reintegration into Moldova, Gagauzia has become a leverage point for Russia in its effort to keep Moldova away from the European Union, NATO and Romania, with the threat of Gagauz separatism being a thorn in the side for Chisinau, though a small one. By GeoVane, formerly AR Global Security and Base Rate (Global Guessing, and Crowd Money). Visit our website ➡️ 🤍 👍 Support our work here: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 (formerly 🤍GlobalGuessing) 📷 Instagram: 🤍 (formerly 🤍ARGlobalSecurity) 🎥 TikTok: 🤍 (formerly 🤍ARGlobalSecurity) 📋 LinkedIn: 🤍 (formerly 🤍GlobalGuessing) - In 2014, in light of events in Ukraine, the region held two referenda, voting overwhelmingly in favour of joining the Russian led Eurasian Customs Union instead of the European Union, and in also in favour of a “deferred independence” bill proposed in Gagauzia’s legislative body, that would allow the region to become independent were Moldova to “lose its national sovereignty”, the main example of this loss of national sovereignty being Moldovan unification into Romania. Fundamentally, ties between Gagauzia and Moscow are strong and give Russia influence in Moldova. However, with the collapse of the USSR and the changing geopolitical dynamic in the 21st century, it isn’t just Russia that has an interest in this small enclave of Turkic speakers. Turkey, with its increased emphasis on pan Turkism, has also taken an interest too. Turkey has funded and helped build education centres, retirement homes and sports facilities in Gagauzia, and Turkish investment in the autonomous region has risen by 60 per cent since 2016. Though Turkish efforts remain mainly in the economic sphere, the recent outreach from the state hasn’t gone unnoticed by Moscow - giving the region increased importance in the geopolitical competition between Russia and Turkey, and garnering Turkey leverage in Moldova too. Though the chances of conflict are low for now and are likely to remain low, with all of the outside interest in the region, Gagauzia makes for an interesting potential flashpoint for the future.

Why Moldova’s Gagauzia matters to Russia and Turkey


Tensions are growing between Russia and Turkey over an autonomous region of Moldova. Gagauzia was once part of the Soviet Union and Russia maintains a strong influence. The people of Gagauzia are ethnically Turkic and their language is also closer to Turkish than any other in the region but they are also mainly Orthodox Christians and strongly pro-Russia. But Turkey also wants to exert its influence and has been helping to finance development projects. While Turkey and Russia continue to vie for influence in the Caucasus and the Middle East - Gagauzia's governor says cooperation there, between Moscow, Ankara and the European Union, could offer another way of conducting diplomacy in the region. Al Jazeera’s Sonia Gallego went to Moldova’s autonomous region of Gagauzia to meet people caught in the middle of this regional tug of war. - Subscribe to our channel: 🤍 - Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 - Find us on Facebook: 🤍 - Check our website: 🤍 #Moldova #Gagauzia #AljazeeraEnglish

Pro-Russia leader storms to majority in Moldova’s Gagauzia, and Sandu is shattered


A pro-Russia leader has emerged victorious in Moldova's Gagauzia region, causing turmoil and uncertainty. Find out how this result may impact Moldova's future and the geopolitical balance in Eastern Europe. Watch video to know more. Support us on Patreon - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Website - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Telegram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 #Moldova #Gagauzia #ProRussia #Sandu #ElectionResults #Geopolitics #RussianInfluence #Secession #Revolution #news #globalnews #geopolitics #internationalaffairs #worldnews #global #breakingnews #topstories #analysis #newsanalysis #tfiglobal #youtube This channel is owned, operated, and managed by, TFI Media Private Limited.

The Life and History of Moldova’s Autonomous Region of Gagauzia


Across the Balkans takes you to the northeastern edge of the Balkan peninsula, to Moldova’s autonomous region of Gagauzia, home to the Gagauz people. They're a small Turkic minority group, and speak a language close to Turkish. Their rights and autonomy are protected by Moldova's constitution, but their tiny region is caught between Russia, the EU and Turkey, all vying for influence. TRT World Correspondent Andrew Hopkins explains. Across The Balkans, hosted by Nafisa Latic, is TRT World’s programme that focuses specifically on the issues and fault lines shaping Southeast Europe today. Watch other episodes of ‘Across the Balkans’ 👉 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 Livestream: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Visit our website: 🤍

The nation in Europe you haven't heard of (and why it matters NOW)


Gagauzia is an autonomous part of Moldova. It's a place where the Turk, Russian and Romanian worlds meet, and it could well prove to be very important in the coming years. So who are the Gagauz? I set off travelling for a few days through Gagauzia to meet the people and see the place for myself, join me on part 1/3 of a trip through Moldova's lesser-known autonomous region! Moldova map by NordNordWest Transnistria map by TUBS Gagauzia map by NordNordWest Gagauzia picture by trdergisi Gagauz video from 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Ukraine map by ISW (Institue for the Study of War) 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

I bet you've never heard of this European Country! Gagauzia


Maybe my most random adventure yet! This time I head to the south of Moldova and a little known Turkic Republic known as Gagauzia, home to about 120,000 Turkish speaking Gagauzian Moldovans. This place was in fact independent (kind of) between 1991 and 1994, until deal was struck to be officially an autonomous republic within modern Moldova. In this video, I explore the capital city of Comrat, home to 20,000 Gagauzians, and St. John's church. We also try a bit of local food, wine and beer, and meet local barman Diman whilst also exploring the surrounding countryside, the Lenin statue, the street named after him and the Alley of Gagauzian heroes. Not to be missed, this is one of my most random adventures yet! Oh and I also help out a guy at the market after he knocks over his boxes.

Visiting GAGAUZIA 🎖️ Between communism and winemaking


Have you ever heard of Gagauzia? It's 2 hours south of Chisinau, so not many tourists end up here. Such a shame, cause it's 1/2 autonomous regions in Moldova with its own language and traditions. In this episode I decided to explore Vinuri de Comrat winery, the most prized Gagauz possesion. #moldova #moldovan #gagauzia #gagauziya #visitmoldova _ I’m Elena! Born, raised and currently living in Moldova. Prior to this, I was an expat in India, China, USA and Ukraine. Subscribe ↠🤍redhead_inc Instagram ↠ ALSO WATCH: 🥶 Moldovan villages in winter ↠ 🤍 🍒 Moldovan villages in summer, Mimi winery ↠ 🤍 🍇 Poiana winery tour ↠ 🤍 🍷 Wine Day 2022 ↠ 🤍

Am ajuns în Găgăuzia: fața mai puțin știută a Moldovei (limba pe cale de dispariție)


Bun venit in Gagauzia! Regiunea autonoma a Moldovei, unde se vorbeste o limba pe cale de disparitie ne-a primit foarte bine :) Cazare spectaculoasa, mancare, costume si traditii gagauze, in vlogul de azi :) #gagauzia #moldova #haihui

Cum este in Gagauzia, regiune autonoma in Republica Moldova.


Gagauzia este o regiune autonoma situata in sud-vestul Republicii Moldova, locuita in majoritate de gagauzi, un popor apropiat cultural de turci si de azeri. Suprafata este de 1830 kmp, ceea ce inseamna ca este putin mai mare decat judetul Ilfov. Populatia este de circa 160.000 de persoane, iar cel mai important oras este Comrat. Noi l-am vizitat putin la intoarcerea spre casa. Iti multumim pentru vizionare si ti-am fi recunoscatori daca ai apasa pe butonul de like si subscribe + clopotel pentru a fi alaturi de noi in urmatoarele aventuri prin lume. Roxana si Costin Muzica: Vlog Music - Dreamer (Sam Kolder Inspired) Royalty Free Music ► Song: 🤍 ► Photo: 🤍 ► Music promoted by Vlog Music Channel ► Video Link: 🤍 ► Help us reach 10.000 subs :) ► 🤍 ASHUTOSH - Chile (Vlog No Copyright Music) Song: ASHUTOSH - Chile Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported Video Link: 🤍



Queridos companheiros de viagem, hoje em mais um capítulo da nossa saga moldávia estaremos em Komrat na Gagauzia. Uma região etnicamente diferente, mas com forte influência russa e soviética. Espero que gostem!

Anastasia Levcenco - Gagauzia (Official music video)


Directed by Vlad Socurenco E-mail: vlad.socurenco🤍 Website: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Vkontakte: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Music: Konstantin Dusku Lyrics: Elena Mokanu Music Video by Anastasia Levcenco on song "Gagauzia" Видео клип на песню Анастасии Левченко - Гагаузия Клип снимался в Вулканештах, Комрате и Чадыр-Лунге.

GAGAUZIA - teritoriul SOVIETIC al Moldovei


Unitatea Teritorial Administrativa Gagauzia se afla la in sudul Moldovei si este practic un popor separat in interiorul tarii. Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Echipamente folosite: Set microfon wireless 2 transmitatoare Saramonic Blink B2: 🤍 Set microfon wireless 1 transmitator Saramonic Blink B1: 🤍 Saramonic SR-AX100 audio mixer: 🤍 DJI Osmo Action: 🤍 Camera Fujifilm X-T3: 🤍 Obiectiv Fujinon 16mm F1.4: 🤍 Obiectiv Fujinon 10-24mm F4: 🤍 Obiectiv Fujifilm 18-55mm F2.8-4: 🤍 Ghimbal Zhiyun Crane V2 - 🤍 Mini Trepied SIRUI 3T-35: 🤍 Microfon Shotgun Deity V-Mic D3 Pro: 🤍 Mini microfon Saramonic SR-XM1: 🤍 Drona DJI Mavic Pro - 🤍 Monociclu Inmotion V10F (Costi) - 🤍 Monociclu Inmotion V5F (Luminita) - 🤍

Turkey, Russia and EU compete for influence in Gagauzia


Gagauzia is an autonomous region in the eastern European country of Moldova. Its people arrived 200 years ago from what is now Bulgaria, and speak a language close to Turkish. The area is now the focus of increasing Turkish investment, and competing influence from Russia and the EU. #Gagauzia #EU #Turkey Subscribe: 🤍 Livestream: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Visit our website: 🤍

Moldova’s Gagauzia Crisis and Why it’s Important


Hello and welcome to our second video. We will be discussing the often neglected topic of the Gagauzia Crisis during the fall of the USSR and the early independence of Moldova. Not only will we give some details about the history of this event but discuss how it is a good benchmark to deal with situations around the world.



NOVEMBER 2019 Comrat, Gagauzia It's taken a year to edit this video of our great stay in Comrat last year... arriving the day before the Annual Wine Festival! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING - it makes us so happy to read the lovely comments from our viewers! 😁 Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this video, and SHARE with your friends! This helps our channel grow, and also keeps us motivated to make more videos! There will be many more frugal travel videos to come as we are travelling indefinitely... * ☕ BUY US A COFFEE If you would like to buy us a coffee, here's the link below. Thank you so much for your kind gift, we really appreciate it! 😀 🤍 ✈️✈️ TRAVEL INSURANCE SafetyWing 🤍 🐈🐕‍🦺 TRUSTED HOUSESITTERS If you're interested in housesitting around the globe, click on this link for a 10% DISCOUNT on a yearly subscription with the world's largest housesitting site. No coupon required: 🤍 🌍 WORKAWAY If you are interested in Workaway, sign up through this link below to get an extra month FREE. 🤍 🌏 Get Exclusive NordVPN deal here ➼ 🤍 It's risk-free with Nord's 30-day money-back guarantee! ✌ 🎥 TECH GEAR WE USE Camera GoPro Hero 9 🤍 Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 🤍 Silicon Power 5TB External Hard Drive 🤍 Sandisk 200GB Ultra microSD Card 🤍 28W Solar Charger 🤍 Anker Power Bank 🤍 🎒TRAVEL GEAR WE USE Lee's Osprey Backpack 🤍 Lee's Karimoor Predator Backpack 🤍 Mandy's Osprey Backpack 🤍 North Face Hiking shoes 🤍 Steripen Water Purifier 🤍 Sawyer Mini Water Filter 🤍 Tessan Travel Adaptor 🤍 Money Belt 🤍 Packing Cubes 🤍 🔔 SUBSCRIBE for more Frugal Travel tips! 🤍 * We are long term backpackers - slowly travelling the world on a shoestring budget of around US$20 each per day. We enjoy showing the places we visit and giving practical travel advice to help everyone who would like to see the world on a low budget. For more travel advice and information AND to see where we are in real time, follow us on social media: ► INSTAGRAM ►► 🤍 ► FACEBOOK ►►► 🤍 Our website for all things Frugal Travel 🤍 💻🏆 If you need an excellent and knowledgeable developer to help with your website, we recommend: Aamir Faiz help🤍 DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that we provide we may receive a small commission at no cost to you. We thank you for your support as this will help our channel grow. Join us as we wander the globe! #comratgagauzia #formerussr #komrat

Taiana MITIOGLO - HEDERLEZ (Gagauz Version) | #ederlezi, #hederlez, #studiakolay, #gagauzia


Tatiana MITIOGLO - HEDERLEZ | "DÜZ-AVA". (Gagauz Version) Product by Sanat Studiyası "KOLAY".

VIAGGIO IN GAGAUZIA - Repubblica non riconosciuta in Moldavia


Viaggio alla scoperta della Gagauzia, una repubblica autonoma, ma non indipendente della Moldavia, abitata dai gagauzi che sono un gruppo etnico di origine turca. Andare in Gagauzia significa fare un tuffo nel passato, qui infatti la gente è tendenzialmente filorussa e qui e là permangono simboli sovietici, un po' come in Transnistria, ma in modo molto più moderato. #MOLDAVIA #GAGAUZIA #VIAGGIOINMOLDAVIA Ecco il sito della guida Roxy: 🤍 Trovi Daniglotta Traveller anche su: ► FACEBOOK - 🤍 ► INSTAGRAM - 🤍

Din Găgăuzia, despre războiul din Ucraina. „Eu îl susțin pe Putin” |


Dacă nu începea Rusia războiul, Ucraina ar fi invadat Federația Rusă, civilii care mor în Ucraina ar fi omorâți tot de ucraineni, iar de vină pentru toate ar fi americanii, care nu l-au ascultat pe Putin. Acestea, dar și alte teze născute la Kremlin sunt preluate și răspândite în partea de sud a Republicii Moldova, în autonomia Găgăuză. Convingerile oamenilor se datorează conținutului media pe care-l urmăresc, susțin experții care monitorizează modul în care posturile TV, extensiuni ale canalelor TV de la Moscova, reflectă invazia din Ucraina. Puteți susține Ziarul de Gardă devenind patronul nostru pe 🤍 Investigațiile ZdG: 🤍 Emisiunea „Dincolo de Investigații”: 🤍 Reportajele ZdG: 🤍 Emisiunea „Săptămâna de Gardă”: 🤍 NO COMMENT: 🤍 0:00 - Intro 0:20 - „De ce Maia Sandu i-a adus (refugiații) aici? Ce, noi suntem milionari?” 0:28 - „De ce puneți astfel de întrebări în regiunea noastră?” 0:33 - „Toți se vor închina lui Putin” 2:41 - „Eu îl susțin pe Putin. E singurul om din lume care vrea dreptate” 5:15 - Programul TV „Pobeda” și „benderovțî” 6:30 - „Zelensky iese în tricou la interviu” 9:06 - „Nu suntem vecini cu ucrainenii. Suntem vecini cu românii și cu moldovenii” 9:28 - „Toți ascultă America” 10:20 - „Ucrainenii îi sperie pe toți că îi vor omorî”

Maia Sandu, despre alegerile din Gagauzia


Maia Sandu, despre alegerile din Gagauzia

The Gagauz Language! - (Honourable Mentions 'G')


Use the link to receive 30% off on uTalk! Info links: Wikipedia Omniglot Nesibe Ayşe Sağlam. February 2021. “Gagauz Identity in the Post-Soviet Period”. Journal of Economy Culture and Society. Astrid Menz. 2014. “Gagauz”. Orient-Institut Istanbul. Gülin Dağdeviren Kırmızı. Spring 2020. “Emotional and Functional Speaker Attitudes towards Gagauz as an Endangered Language”. Bilig - Journal of Social Sciences of the Turkic World 93: 203-222. Astrid Menz. 2016. “188. Gagauz” (from the book Volume 5 Word-Formation). De Gruyter Mouton. Federica Prina. March 2013. “Linguistic Divisions and the Language Charter - the Case of Moldova”. ECMI Working Paper - European Centre For Minority Issues. Other links: Ad in Gagauz: 🤍 Gagauz music: 🤍 The Sound of the Gagauz Language (IloveLanguages): 🤍 History of the entire world, i guess [it’s the seljuk turks!] (bill wurtz): 🤍 #Gagauz #Moldova #Gagauzia

Across The Balkans: Moldova’s Gagauzia Region | Social Media Bans Srebrenica Genocide Denial


Across the Balkans takes you to the northeastern edge of the Balkan peninsula, to Moldova’s autonomous region of Gagauzia, home to the Gagauz people. They're a small Turkic minority group, and speak a language close to Turkish. Their rights and autonomy are protected by Moldova's constitution, but their tiny region is caught between Russia, the EU and Turkey, all vying for influence. Andrew Hopkins explains why. Plus, denying the Srebrenica genocide has been made illegal in several countries in the region. Now, we're seeing this principle spread to the world online as well. Twitter and YouTube, owned by Google, have confirmed that they will be removing content that denies the genocide from their platforms. It was a response to a direct request from the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada. We speak to the organisation’s Secretary General Alena Demirovic about the ongoing campaign to stop the spread of hate speech across the region. Across The Balkans, hosted by Nafisa Latic, is TRT World’s programme that focuses specifically on the issues and fault lines shaping Southeast Europe today. Watch other episodes of ‘Across the Balkans’ 👉 🤍

Gagauz oyunu 🎀🕺


Gagavuzya Türk Okulunda 1 Gün Geçirmek! (Moldova)- 201 🇲🇩


Selamlar ben Arda Pazır. Moldova Gagavuzya seyahatime Kongaz köyünden devam ediyorum. Kongaz Süleyman Demirel Lisesi bu köyde kurulan bir türk okulu. Türkçe dersler öğretiliyor. Türk öğretmenler ve yöneciler ile, destek Türkiye'den sağlanıyor. Moldova'daki Hristiyan türkler ile konuşup, Gagavuz öğrenciler ile keyifli bir gün geçirdim. ►Seyahat İpuçları: 🤍 ►Booking Otel Linki: 🤍 ►Universedu instagram: 🤍 ►İnstagram adresim: 🤍 ►ABONE OL BUTONU: 🤍 Kesinlikle izlemeniz gereken seyahat video albümlerim! ►Vietnam Seyahatim: 🤍 ►Bali Seyahatim: 🤍 ►Kamboçya Seyahatim: 🤍 ►Malezya Seyahatim: 🤍 ►Filipinler Seyahatim: 🤍 ►Tayland Seyahatim: 🤍 ►Singapur Seyahatim: 🤍 ►İzmir Sokak Yemekleri: 🤍

Gagauzia Si Transnistria, „Caii Troieni” Ai Moscovei Si Cele Doua Vulnerabilitati De Pe Teritoriul R


Nu copia sau reposta videoclipul, dacă îți place adaugă-l la favorite!

National anthem of Gagauzia Full Rare Vocal Gagauziya milli


Gagauzia anthem vocal full hino da Gagauzia

Türkçe Konuşan GAGAVUZ TÜRKLERİ İle Tanıştım !! (Gagavuzya/ Moldova)- 202 🇲🇩


Selam ben Arda Pazır. bu bölümde Hristiyan Türkler diye bilinen Gagavuzların hayatına misafir oluyoruz. Moldova Gagavuzya sokaklarında bir gün geçiriyoruz. Gagavuz Türkçesi bizim Türkçemize çok yakın o nedenle Türkçe konuşarak Gagavuzya sokaklarını gezdiğim ilginç bir bölüm oldu. Gagavuz Türkleri ile türkçe konuşup, keyifli muhabbetlerini kaçırmamak için abone olup beğenmeyi unutmayın :) ►Seyahat İpuçları: 🤍 ►Booking Otel Linki: 🤍 ►Universedu instagram: 🤍 ►İnstagram adresim: 🤍 ►ABONE OL BUTONU: 🤍 Kesinlikle izlemeniz gereken seyahat video albümlerim! ►Vietnam Seyahatim: 🤍 ►Bali Seyahatim: 🤍 ►Kamboçya Seyahatim: 🤍 ►Malezya Seyahatim: 🤍 ►Filipinler Seyahatim: 🤍 ►Tayland Seyahatim: 🤍 ►Singapur Seyahatim: 🤍 ►İzmir Sokak Yemekleri: 🤍

Out of Steppe in the villages of Moldova! (Gagauzia)


In the final video from Gagauzia we cross the steppe to find yet more Soviet monuments. Along the way we meet more people who call this great part of Europe home. Next up we jump ahead a bit to a different part of a world to a video I filmed recently, that I want to get out whilst it's still relevant. We'll return to Moldova shortly!

Il tipico ristorante "Gagauz Sofrasi" in Gagauzia, Repubblica Moldova (Moldavia)


Questo è il più caratteristico tra tutti i ristoranti della regione autonoma di Gagauzia, il famoso "Gagauz Sofrasi" nella località di Congaz situata a circa 120 km sud di Chisinau. Oltre all'ottimo cibo e all'eccellente ospitalità, questo bellissimo locale offre al visitatore anche un piccolo museo etnografico di questa particolare regione della Repubblica Moldova. I gagauzi sono uno dei rari popoli di stirpe turcomanna che non ha mai professato la religione islamica essendo da sempre cristiani ortodossi. Il pranzo e la sosta a "Gagauz Sofrasi" sono parte della mia interessante escursione guidata della Gagauzia che comprende anche il capoluogo Comrat e le località di Besalma, Congaz, Ceadir Lunga nonché Tvardita che è popolata dai bulgari della Bessarabia, un'altra tra le tante etnie che popolano questo paese multietnico che è la Moldova! Venite a scoprire la Moldova che non ti aspetti! Per maggiori info contattatemi tramite WhatsApp al numero +37379679434.

Moldova: la Gagauzia, regione filo-russa


Nel piccolo Paese di lingua rumena incastrato tra Romania e Ucraina, alcune zone sono maggioritariamente russofone o filo-russe, come la Gagauzia, regione autonoma a poco più di cento chilometri a sud di Chisinau. Qui una popolazione di ceppo turco, cristiano-ortodossa, fu importata su volere dello Zar. Oggi, nel capoluogo Komrat, c'è chi invoca un complicato equilibrio: "Penso che la Moldova debba trovare la posizione perfetta, al centro, in modo da consentire sia a chi è favorevole alla … ALTRE INFORMAZIONI: 🤍 euronews: il canale di informazione più seguito in Europa. Abbonati ! 🤍 euronews è disponibile in 14 lingue: 🤍 In italiano: Sito web: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

One on One Express - Irina Vlah - Gagauzia Governer


Andrew Hopkins talks to Irina Vlah, the Governor of Gagauzia, which is a Turkic autonomous region of 160,000 people in Moldova. The area has a Turkish culture and the leader there is currently balancing the interests of Turkey, the EU and Russia. Subscribe: 🤍 Livestream: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Visit our website: 🤍

Congresul din Comrat - oază de separatism pro-rusesc? Istoria UTA Găgăuzia și cum păstrăm țara unită


Pe data de 27 mai curent, în autonomia găgăuză s-a desfășurat un așa-numit congres al autorităților locale din regiune. S-au ținut discursuri multe, înflăcărate și cu tentă separatistă. Unii găgăuzi ar dori reînvierea ,,Gagauz-Halkî”, o mișcare separatistă ce a autoproclamat în 1990 "Republica Găgăuzia". Nu mai putem susține cu bani locali și fonduri europene o autonomie ce este pro-rusă în fapte. Despre istoria UTA Găgăuzia și soluții pentru păstrarea integrității teritoriale a Republicii Moldova. Abonați-vă și la canalul de Telegram: 🤍

Город Комрат - Gagauzia 4K


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Gagauzia Festival


Look who videobombed my recording.. Yesterday we were invited to the Hederlez festival in Gagauzia, an independent region in the south of Moldova where our own Ivan Ivancev originates from. Gagauzia shares many things with Moldova, but benefits from its own parliament, headed up by Governor Irina Vlah, the highest ranking official in this small autonomous nation. Well, after meeting Madam Irina earlier, she decided to videobomb my recording, demonstrating her down-to-earth nature and eagerness to support the work of Hope4. Hope4 itself is independent and has no political affiliation, other than to work with governments to support desperate people under their care. Yesterday was a welcome break from the day-job and an opportunity to connect with ambassadors and officials, like Moldova's Minister of Culture, Sergiu Prodan; I even got to meet Dmitri Voloshin, arguably Moldova's most successful businessmen. It was a beautiful day, shared by tens of thousands of people from across the territory of Moldova, with close friends and new ones too. Tomorrow it's back to work, feeding more Ukrainian refugees with the incredible support of Bidfood UK, Oakland International Limited and our incredible friends across this platform. Together #WeAreHope4 nations, and together we are impacting lives right across Moldova, Gagauzia, Ukraine and Turkey and Syria. Thank you to everyone who stands with us!! To connect with your own impact, in real-life, in real-time, please get in touch, or visit 🤍 #hope #moldova #gagauzia #charity #fundraising #impact

Gagauzia, una región moldava que goza de un estrecho vínculo con Turquía


Ubicada en el sudoeste del país, se caracteriza por una fuerte variedad étnica: alrededor del 80 por ciento de la población, los gagaúzos, es turcófona, mientras que el resto se divide en partes iguales entre búlgaros, rusos, moldavos romanófonos y ucranianos.

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